Pirbright Arts.

Live arts curated for you and the community



Pirbright Arts Director, Mick Doran.

Welcome to Pirbright Arts, a year round series of events curated for you and the community featuring internationally acclaimed artists from the worlds of music, theatre and art.

For the moment all performances will be streamed, either live or on demand, so please keep an eye out for notifications on the website and on social media.

In addition to fabulous performances in venues around Pirbright, there will be strong collaborations with local schools and community groups.


Covid-19 restrictions mean that all plans for 2020 were thrown into disarray.

  All our amazing artists are trying to be available in 2021, so they and Pirbright Arts, will be light on their feet: please bear with us.

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Mick Doran

(in Claude Monet's Garden)

I am extremely grateful to Guildford Arts

for their support and generosity.

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