Pirbright Arts.

Live arts curated for you and the community



Pirbright Arts Director, Mick Doran.

Welcome to Pirbright Arts, a year round series of events curated for you and the community featuring internationally acclaimed artists from the worlds of music, theatre and art.

We are entering our second full year, let's hope we can all relax somewhat and get back to enjoying live events together again.

We have a fantastic programme for 2022, kicking off with two events for Spring, so please check out all the events and buy your tickets as soon as you can.

Please keep an eye out for notifications on the website and on social media.

All concerts will be staged within prevailing Covid restrictions.

Mick Doran

Director, Pirbright Arts



Mick Doran

(in Claude Monet's Garden)

I am extremely grateful to Guildford Arts
for their support and generosity.

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